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The Work in Progress (WIP)

My next book, my "WIP", is coming along. My original working title, Under the Hammer needs to change. My editor didn't like it and a few Web Site readers wrote me that it was also the title of an English film, so for now it's the WiP. One idea was to name it A Killing Under the Hammer, which would immediately relate it to A Killing in Antiques, but that may be a little heavy handed.

Then "An Auction to Die For" came to mind. It's caught my fancy, and I'm leaning very much in that direction. I have become attracted to the auction scene because of the interesting crimes that have taken place in the auction milieu. I thought it would be fun to write about how the search for just the right antique turns into a search for an extremely nasty murderer.

The story takes place some time after the Brimfield incident, and finds Lucy,back at the Cape managing her lovely antique shop, enjoying her search for the perfect antique at the many antique auctions taking place during the Party Season. Thus,

An Auction to Die For

Lucy St Elmo is at it again! She's back at the Cape, where autumn drifts into winter, the economy has tanked, and Hamp has retired. But Lucy, indomitable as ever, carries on...

A Killing in Antiques book cover A Killing in Antiques

Lucy St. Elmo heads for the greatest treasure hunt of all, "Brimfield", the antiques marketplace to beat them all. Everything is right for a perfect day.

She loves the business she has created, and she strives to improve it. Her family still thinks St. Elmo Fine Antiques is a nice way for her to keep busy, and to keep out of their hair.

But Lucy's business is no longer merely an extension of her old hobby, collecting antiques. It's thriving, and it needs her attention. She's willing, but she sometimes feels that she's in over her head when balancing the needs of the family against the needs of the business.

And then, murder! One friend murdered; another accused of it. Add Lucy's search for the murderer into the mix...and the pressure is on.

From the reviewers:

"The latest and one of the best entrants into the [mystery] category is Mary Moody's A Killing in Antiques, starring a Cape Cod antiques dealer who heads to Brimfield in search of treasure -- but instead finds one friend murdered and another friend accused of the crime....Moody is a natural-born storyteller who brings the world of antiques to life."
Zac Bissonnette, Antiques Trader

"A Killing in Antiques is a wonderful, engrossing mystery with a delightful touch of humor...I loved following Lucy about in her hunt for antiques... Mary Moody is a delightful author who has shot to the top of my "must read" list. I loved this book. Highly recommended!"
Linda Morelli, My Shelf

" interest in antiques is not required for reading A Killing in is a book to relax with and enjoy. Moody's prose is light and easy, and flows so well that you forget you are actually reading. It will be a pleasure to follow Moody's growth as a mystery novelist."
The Berkshire Eagle

"A solid, entertaining mystery."freshfiction

"A terrific debut in a new antique series. 'AKIA' is all the good stuff cozy readers want."
Lisa Allmendinger, Ann Arbor

"Readers will love Moody's ability to set the scene...Lucy is a great heroine...I recommend this one."Debbie's Book Bag

"This is a perfect summer read."Dollycas

Yes, the Brimfield Antiques & Collectibles Show is a real and wonderful place. Here are just a few links, should you be interested.

New England Motel & Antiques Food Court Unbelievable luck! I was at the July show in the Food Court signing books, answering questions and meeting many interesting attendees as they began their treasure hunts.
Brimfield Exchange
Three sites providing an overall perspective of the Show.

Two fields. Note the large crowd waiting for the opening of May's. Mooing about to begin!

Yankee Magazine The Yankee Magazine piece is last year's, but the comment is absolutely on target.

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I am a Massachusetts native, and grew up in a collecting family where I learned the pleasures of the treasure hunt. I love writing stories about the ingenious ways people find to participate in the antiques marketplace. I went to school in Worcester, and have an MBA from Clark University. I live in the Berkshires with my husband.

Look Ma, No Notes!

Looking back, I find that I didn't do what I had intended with my Notes page. I meant to record my thoughts and feelings about what I was writing as I was writing the next book. I also meant it to show the development of an idea about a book - through to its conclusion. I thought such a record might provide the framework for a blog in the future.

What I found was that I was in one mode of writing or the other, and once into a mode, I really didn't want to break out of it and jump into the other. By the time I reshaped my writing experience into a storyline that fit my Notes, and then actually got it all down on "paper", I had used up my writing time and effort. The Notes became sparser and rarer. So I am changing the site into a simple reference location for those who would like to know a little more about the book, and me, and how to get in touch.